Hospice at HCS

Hospice at HCS has provided comfort, care and support for the final stages of life’s journey for over 30 years.

When someone you are close to is facing a life-limiting illness, and you would like to know about receiving specialized hospice services including options for staying in familiar surroundings, call Hospice at HCS. Our team of hospice advisors can let you know about support that is available to you and your family. Hospice care is available for those with cancer, end-stage heart disease, dementia, debility, lung disease, and end-stage kidney disease.  Hospice care is provided in your home; whether that is your residence of many years, an assisted living facility or a long term care facility.

Hospice at HCS focuses on living life to the fullest while experiencing a life-limiting illness. Hospice is a holistic approach to end-of-life care, focusing on quality of life and offering physical, emotional and spiritual comfort.


Our Hospice Services include:

Lisa Leinau, MD is the Medical Director for Hospice at HCS.  She is board certified in hospice and palliative care.  Dr. Leinau consults with the hospice team leaders and direct care staff on patient care.

Hospice and oncology certified nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and home health aides provide the care you choose.

Medical social workers and chaplains are available and are key members of the hospice team approach.

Specially-trained hospice volunteers are available for guidance, support and companionship.  Volunteer trainings are held in the spring and fall at several locations.  

The Pet Peace of Mind Program

Nibs is loves playtime and attention from his volunteer!

Nibs loves playtime and attention from his volunteer!

For many in hospice care, a decline in physical condition impact’s a patient’s ability to enjoy socializing and maintaining human relationships over time.  Pets often fill that relational void as they offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort and companionship at at time when it’s needed most.

Hospice at HCS is proud to be a Pet Peace of Mind partner, a national program from Banfield Charitable Trust.  Through the Pet Peace of Mind program, patients may be provided with trained volunteers to help with basic in-home pet care, such as dog walking and litter box changing; financial and shopping assistance for pet food and cat litter; and funding for routine veterinary care, including flea, tick, and heartworm medications.


When someone close to us dies, we grieve. The grieving process can be thought of as a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, highs and lows. One common myth is that those who are grieving should be left alone. The reality is that those who are grieving need to share their memories and receive support. Hospice at HCS offers support to help people through the grieving process in a number of ways.
Support Services & Focused Workshops
Our Bereavement Coordinator offers individual support on a short-term basis.  Groups bring together people to share experiences with others who have had similar loses and  help people find comfort and coping strategies.  Ongoing groups are available in Keene and Peterborough.
Hospice’s short-term workshops address the special needs of those in unique circumstances.  Topics may include:  Holiday Grief, Winter Blues, Traumatic Loss and Unexpected Death
For the current listings, please see our Events page, or call Hospice at HCS at 352-2253 for more information.
The Libraries of Hospice at HCS
Lending libraries are available at the Keene (352-2253) and Peterborough (532-8353) offices with an extensive collection of books and tapes about coping with serious illness, death and bereavement. Materials for both children and adults are available.
Community Support
Consultation and support is offered to schools, agencies and groups.  Our speakers can provide presentations and workshops about hospice, home care, grief and bereavement.