Our Board and Senior Managers

Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services (HCS) is a
private, not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.
The HCS Board is made up of volunteers who all live locally.


Our Board

Allen Mendelson, Chair

Jane Larmon, Vice-Chair

David Therrien, Treasurer

JoJi Robertson, Secretary

Susan Abert, Esq.

Michael Chelstowski

Julie Green

Julie Greenwood

Eric Horne

John Maclean

John A. McIntosh

Charles Montgomery, MD

Maureen O’Brien

Leslie Pitts, MD, FAAFP

Brian Reilly, MD

Judy Sadoski

Betsy Cotter, Director-at-Large

Ex Officio:
Cathy Sorenson, President/CEO
Susan Ashworth, Acting CEO
Susan Lowe, Chief Financial Officer





Our Senior Managers

Cathy Sorenson

Susan Ashworth
Director of Community Relations

Tom Bathrick
Chief Clinical Operating Officer

Catherine Braught
Director of Customized Care

Laura Brow
Director of VNA

Carissa Draper
Director of Hospice

Susan Lowe
Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Mack
Director of Operations 

Gayle Murphy
Vice President of Human Resources