Celebrating Deficiency Free Surveys for HCS Home Care and Hospice

Dear HCS Colleagues, Community and Loyal Supporters,

After significant delays due to COVID 19, State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services conducted two onsite surveys in close succession (late December and early January) to assess the quality of care and regulatory compliance in HCS’ Home Healthcare and Hospice programs.  Four surveyors arrived at 312 Marlboro Street Keene to review records, assess day to day operations, and visit homes of ten different patients under current care. They also reviewed records for discharged patients.

Several surveyors were joined by an epidemiologist which was a new and invaluable component to the survey process in these unprecedented times.

Of note, patients voiced high satisfaction with HCS services, knew their rights, and how to contact HCS during off hours. The surveyors made a point to view all disciplines including complex wound care and intravenous care. The surveyors interviewed patients and families and conducted a chaplain visit to assess spiritual care.

As I sat in on the opening conferences during both surveys and observed the organization of the team at HCS, it became obvious to me that the policies, processes, and daily routines at HCS are not only well considered and regulatory – compliant; they are practical, understandable, and easily enforced by a committed leadership team and highly talented clinical and support staff. It should come as no surprise that the surveyors ended their planned visit one day earlier than scheduled for each program.

DEFICIENCY FREE surveys are something to celebrate, and I want to share the news with the community we serve and which, in turn, supports HCS.

We are grateful to all the talented staff at HCS, and I hope you will join us in a resounding chorus of “Well done!”, when we next see each other.

Let’s hope that is soon.


Maura McQueeney MPH DNP