The Meals on Wheels program at Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services (HCS) is joining the nationwide “March for Meals” again this year, creating our own challenge to raise funds for our local program. “Show Your Mittens for Meals on Wheels” is HCS’ Cheshire County version of the recent Bernie Sanders meme that raised funds for Meals on Wheels in Vermont! “March for Meals helps to let the community know about Meals on Wheels in case they, or someone they know needs the service,” said Gia Farina, Nutrition Manager at HCS, provider of the local Meals on Wheels program. “This year, we are raising funds to support the increase of requests for meals that we are getting every day.

“Show Your Mittens for Meals on Wheels” encourages everyone in the area to support the delivery of hot meals to homebound seniors by donating $5 to provide a meal to a senior for a day, $25 for a week of meals, or $100 for a month. People are also encouraged to challenge their friends and neighbors to donate by posting their own version of the Bernie meme on their Facebook page. Donations can be made by clicking here or by mailing donations to HCS Meals on Wheels, 312 Marlboro Street, Keene, NH 03431.

Our Meals on Wheels program has seen a 40% increase in the number of meals being provided over the last year. We have served over 125,000 meals to seniors in sixteen Cheshire County towns. Meals on Wheels is more than a meal, it is also a daily safety check and a bit of cheer and someone to talk to, even for a few minutes. 89% of the people served by the HCS program live alone or with their spouse according to Farina, making the safety check critical during COVID when family may not be able to check in as often.

The “Show Your Mittens for Meals” challenge runs from March 1 to 31. All donations provide meals, and all donations stay local! The annual March for Meals celebration commemorates March 1972 when nutrition programs for seniors were signed into law in the Older Americans Act. Meals on Wheels have been available in Cheshire County since 1977. For more information about Meals on Wheels or to refer a senior to the program, call 352-2253 or visit the HCS website at

Show us your mittens and donate today!