How can I, as a caregiver, take steps to prevent child abuse?

Prevention is - Connection

When we feel supported, when we feel accountable, when we feel known – that is when we can feel grounded and better able to face struggles of daily life.  Being a caregiver to a child comes with challenges you may never have imagined.  Being connected to others is so important to us all – but especially caregivers!

CONNECTION is prevention

Having strong social CONNECTIONS is important for every family. This doesn’t mean that you have to have hundreds of people in your life – just a few people to lean on, learn from, and laugh with.

Social CONNECTIONS can be made

Maybe it’s a colleague you can talk to about work or a neighbor who lends an ear from time to time. Maybe it’s an old friend who makes you smile. Look to different relationships for different kinds of support.

Prevent by CONNECTING with others

If you’re there for those around you, they are more likely to be there for you. In fact, when it comes to longevity, research suggests that providing social support to friends and family may be even more important than receiving it.

Ways you can CONNECT with others:

-ask a neighbor how they are doing

-call a friend or loved one

-join a social group in my community

If you would like to connect in new ways:

Join the Parent Café on Wednesday 4/7/21 at 10 AM

Danielle Perrino from the Grater Tilton Area Family Resource Center will be discussing:

       ‘Connection During this Time of Isolation:  A conversation Among Parents.’

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Join: a conversation discussing the importance of social connections and all the ways we can connect Friday 4/9/21 at 10 AM.

Melony Williams from the TLC Family Resource Center in Claremont will be discussing the topic:

                                                  ‘Reflect, Replenish, Be!’

No registration required:  To join the conversation, go to