Having KNOWLEDGE on children’s development and resources helps in preventing child abuse.

Prevention IS... KNOWLEDGE

-It is power -It is a tool -It is able to be researched

Knowledge of children’s development:

When parents are aware of their child’s milestones, they can better understand behaviors and know how to respond. Thankfully, information about child development can come from family members, parent education classes, public libraries, and much more.

Parenting KNOWLEDGE is a tool. 

There are abundant resources available to parents. Whether it’s contacting your local Family Resource Center (FRC), finding online parenting communities, advice, educational videos, or activities you can join, never hesitate to Google what’s on your mind.

Grow your Parenting KNOWLEDGE at www.nhchildrenstrust.org/prevention_is

Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses as a parent helps you be the best parent you can be. Learning from others and acknowledging positive parenting techniques fosters strength-based parenting.



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Reflect, Replenish, Be!

Friday 4/30/21 at 10 AM

Melony Williams from TLC will explore things about child development that help parents be the best they can be.

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