Did you know that there are many tools that assist caregivers to prevent Child Abuse?

Prevention IS... MINDFULNESS

-It can be taught -It can be nourished -It can be encouraged

Teaching children about emotions, empathy, and social interaction helps them build self-confidence, self-control, and social skills that will benefit them throughout life.

A child’s ability to interact positively with others and effectively communicate feelings will benefit relationships throughout life.

When we foster and encourage MINDFULNESS in children, they are better able to understand and interact with the world around them.

Children who are MINDFUL not only succeed in classrooms but also in life. Since relationships are the foundation of all learning, it makes sense that having strong relationships helps children learn more deeply.

Opportunities for caregivers and families:

From Childhood to Superhero: Helping Kids Find their Cape  Through superheroes, children can learn how they too can find their cape and use their powers for good.

Wednesday 4/21/21 from 1 PM – 2:30 PM

Hosted by Linda Douglas of NHCADSV

Registration required:


Reflect, Replenish, Be!

Friday 4/23/21 at 10 AM

Hosted by Melony Williams from TLC

Topic:  Ways to help your children develop social and emotional competence

No registration required

Link to join:


Family Activity:

Cut four circles out of paper and label them: happy, sad, frustrated, and silly. Ask your child to draw a face that expresses each word. Talk about what they drew and why!

To download NHCT’s April Parent and Caregiver Activity Calendar, go to www.nhchildrenstrust.org/prevention