Butterfly Park at Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services was established almost 15 years ago and provides quiet respite, lush gardens, and even a play area that is used by many.

We thank those who gave us the initial investment to build such a beautiful place, watch it mature, and host the annual Butterfly Release event for Hospice.

There is tremendous visibility along Marlboro Street, and with it the opportunity for a business to have exposure with a sign and sponsorship. Four spots are remaining for a company to have their logo and name appear on the HCS Marlboro Street fence. The commitment is $5,000 a year for three years with the right of first refusal to renew in 2024.

Please consider this investment for your business and contact Sareen Sarna or Marianne McGauley at 603-352-2253 or FriendsOfHCS@hcsservices.org