Give Where it is Needed Most

As a nonprofit organization, charitable contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations support the mission of HCS.

There are many ways to show your support for your local visiting nurse, hospice, and community-based services provider:

Your Gift Matters

The mission of Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services (HCS) is to enable people to function throughout life at their optimal level of health, well-being and independence, according to their personal beliefs and choices.

Your gift supports a tradition of caring in southwestern New Hampshire that spans more  than 115 years.

Thank you for helping to make our service possible.

HCS Annual Fund

Your gift to the HCS Annual Fund goes right to work to meet the greatest need.

Each year, we serve more than 4,000 people in southwestern New Hampshire, including those who are uninsured or under-insured. Skilled nursing following a hospital stay; delivery of a hot meal to a frail elder; comfort, care and support to a hospice patient, are just a few examples of how HCS serves the community.

Hospice at HCS

Hospice at HCS Annual Fund

Hospice is about living life to the fullest while experiencing a terminal illness.

Hospice at HCS is changing the way our community faces serious illness and grief— one patient at a time.

Your gift will support the work we carry out every day and make it possible for others to receive the same high quality care.

Butterfly Park, next to HCS’ Keene office, was inspired by hospice families and volunteers who sought a living memorial to celebrate loved ones.

The park is for everyone to enjoy! Park features may be donated, including garden plots, statuary, or edging stones.

Call the Development Office at 352-2253 to schedule a walking  tour of Butterfly Park, or go to to order a feature online.

Leave a Legacy with HCS Circle of Hope

If you have remembered HCS in your will or estate plans, please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you as a member of the Circle of Hope! The Circle of  Hope is a group of caring individuals who have made a legacy gift provision to HCS. The Circle of Hope was created so we can recognize the donors of future  gifts today.

Please visit our Planned Giving page or call the Development Office at 603-352-2253 for more information.

Mission and Vision

Grow the philanthropic resources to flow abundantly to the HCS vital programs.

Your gift in support of Community Services at HCS helps us maintain essential and vital programs for our region:

Fostering Tomorrow’s Caregivers

The Barbara R. Duckett Scholarship Fund

Barbara Duckett served as President and CEO of HCS from 2000 to 2013.

During her tenure she was a strong advocate for professional development within the ranks of HCS staff, implementing programs that encourage and assist employees who pursue advanced degrees to enhance their knowledge and skills.

A picture of Barbara Duckett

In honor of Barbara’s service and commitment, HCS created the Barbara R. Duckett Scholarship. The Scholarship is designed to assist those already in the healthcare workforce to advance and elevate their skills and competence and to attract new caregivers to the field. Scholarships are awarded annually to staff who are pursuing certification, licensure, or advanced degrees in support of their work at HCS.

Your gift to the Barbara R. Duckett Scholarship Fund is a tribute to Barbara’s legacy of service at HCS and a meaningful way to ensure that the most qualified caregivers are working in your community.

Recent Barbara R. Duckett Scholarship Awardees

2023: Maryssa Brow – Evelyn Erb – Shana Freda – Kate Gardner – Cayla Groeber – Katie Hart – Roberta Heinenon – Kari Lemieux – Jessica Mack – Sareen Sarna – Hayley Warner

2022: Staci Branon – Katie Hart

2021: Jaime Donovan – Katie Hart – Vanessa Sheehan, RN

2020: Staci Branon, BS – Chauntelle Carty, RN – Patricia Martel, LNA – Vanessa Sheehan, RN

2019: Patricia Martel, LNA – Vanessa Sheehan, RN – Hayley Warner, RN


“As a Hospice Volunteer, as well as a community member, I witness the positive and powerful impact HCS has on many lives. Hospice support aids families in the transition as they deal with death. I was able to witness the community services Home Healthcare, Hospice, and Community Services has given to a close friend of mine – physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more. I was moved by the compassionate, professional care that each individual gave. My friend would have fallen between the cracks. The organization and workers enrich the quality of life for all they serve. We are fortunate to have them. You will know when you need them!”

- Ann F.

“I give to HCS because they provided a nurse’s aide when I needed help caring for my mother in law.   The hospice nurse was there for our family when my husband’s life came to its end.  Now the monthly Friendly Meals in Westmoreland helps me keep in touch with my friends.  I give to HCS so in the future others may have the benefits I have had.”

- Sy

“Our appreciation for HCS began after moving to Keene in the 70’s when Mary worked on the Annual Appeal for the Keene VNA. We watched the transition of this small agency consisting of three RN’s, as it grew and developed into the multi service provider that it is today. In 1994, after moving an elderly parent into our home, HCS provided a wonderful home health aid and Meals on Wheels, which allowed Mary to continue to work.  Thank you!

We have close friends who have experienced the invaluable compassionate care and support from the Hospice nurses. We support HCS so it will continue to be the vibrant organization it is today.  We expect that our day will come when we will make the call to ask for care for ourselves and we know they will be there for us.”

- Mary & Bob R.

For more information about giving to HCS, please contact Sareen Sarna, Director of Development and Growth, at 603-352-2253 or 1-800-541-4145 or email