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Home-Based Nursing Care

VNA nurses provide home-based care for patients, often as follow-up treatment post-discharge from a hospital or other medical care environment.

A nurse often acts as a care coordinator for the patient and facilitates a patient-centered team approach with all caregivers and clinicians involved in treatment.

A nurse may teach caregivers how to perform specific actions, like changing a wound dressing, or administering antibiotics, to enable caregivers to gain confidence in caring for their loved ones, and better keep them safe and at home.

VNA nurses have specialty training in:

  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care

  • Ostomy Care

  • Coumadin blood level monitoring

  • Medication management and education

  • Lactation Consulting

  • Family and caregiver education

Frequently Asked Questions

How are visits scheduled?2021-02-26T14:30:54-05:00

A VNA team member will try to call you on the evening before to schedule a visit for the next day. However, sometimes they may not be able to call until the morning of the visit. We are sorry when we cannot offer more notice. We get new patients added to the schedule every day. Sometimes, they are very sick and require urgent visits. This causes our homecare team members’ schedules to change. They will always try to give you an estimated time when they will arrive. Please answer your phone or return our calls promptly.

Will I have the same nurse and/or therapist all the time?2021-02-26T14:30:54-05:00

We understand the importance of building trust with your caregiving team. That is why we try our best to schedule the same team of clinicians to visit your home every time. Changes in time of day, day of week, and after-hours may impact our ability to schedule the same nurse or therapist, so we cannot guarantee the same provider every time.

Who do I contact if I have questions?2021-02-26T14:30:54-05:00

For details about specific programs that HCS can offer, give us a call at 603-352-2253 or join us for Walk-in Wednesdays!

What can I expect at an admission visit?2021-02-26T14:30:54-05:00

During your first visit, the nurse or therapist will share a lot of information with you. They will also make sure the information we have about you is correct. The first visit may take up to two hours. The nurse or therapist will talk about:

  • Your discharge paperwork and/or doctor’s orders
  • Your role as a patient/caregiver, including payment responsibilities
  • Your “Plan of Care,” including the services you will receive and how often team members will visit
  • Your goals for home care
  • Your medicines, including side effects and how and when to take them
  • Your risk for falling
  • How to contact the office with question or concerns
What is a typical visit like?2021-02-26T14:30:55-05:00

Because everyone’s situation is different, there is no typical visit. We work with you and your doctor to design a treatment plan based on your specific situation. The VNA team members spend as much time as they need with every patient to make sure they are getting the care needed to get healthy again.

How often will a clinician visit me?2021-02-26T14:30:55-05:00

Your specific needs and your insurance coverage will help to determine how often VNA team members visit you. The total number of visits scheduled depends on your specific needs. VNA team members visit patients an average of two to three times a week. Visits will happen less often as you improve.

Our VNA Services


Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services offers comprehensive services to the residents of southwestern New Hampshire. Services include:

Financial Information

Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services accepts Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurances. Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services does not deny anyone the care necessary for their health and safety solely on the basis of ability to pay. If you do not have insurance coverage, you may be eligible for service at a reduced fee or free care.

For information or to make an appointment, please call 603-352-2253.

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