About Castle Center Volunteer Services

Volunteers at the Castle Center Life Enrichment Program are key members of our team, creating a supportive, safe, and homey place for participants who need a little help during the day, as well as those with more complex needs. Volunteers work in conjunction with the Castle Center nurse, aides, and activity aides to offer a variety of activities for participants.

The volunteer’s role is an important one, and makes a difference in the lives of those who are spending the day with us. Volunteers are needed to help with daily activities, or to bring a special skill or talent to the program at the Castle Center. Volunteers are welcome for an hour, or for the day.

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers receive a brief orientation to become acquainted with the daily routine of the Castle Center and the needs of the participants.

For more information, email Mary Lucas, Castle Center Nurse Administrator, at mlucas@hcsservices.org

How Can Volunteers Help?

Castle Center participants have many interests and skills; volunteers help with a variety of stimulating activities that engage participants, or assist a person who needs individual attention.

  • Are crafts your thing? Do you enjoy creating decorations for the seasons?

  • Are you the life of the dinner table? Would you like to help get good conversation going at lunch, or help in the kitchen?

  • Do you enjoy reading? Would you like to start a book club, or read to an individual participant?

  • Can you teach bridge, chess, or cribbage? How about getting a tournament going!

  • Is music your thing? Would you like to start the Castle Center’s version of Glee?

  • Are you the quiet type? Work one on one with one of our quiet type participants!

  • Do you have a green thumb? Help with our garden!

  • Are you a veteran? Share stories with our participants who are also vets!

  • None of the above? Come talk to us about your talent, from skill in fielding phone calls, to distributing information about the Castle Center!