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We all want what is best for our family and Healthy Starts at HCS is here to help. 

The caring staff of the Healthy Starts team at HCS is here to partner with you to build a village of supports to help you thrive in this complicated world. The Healthy Starts team of social workers and home visitors are ready to find the answers you need, promote your strengths, and knock down those barriers that are in the way.

We will meet you where you are, at your pace, and with your priorities.

We will help to navigate that red tape, connect you to others who can help, and support you along the way. We know that bonding with your newborn or helping you recognize milestones in your child’s development are important to you. We understand that advocating for your teenager in school, at the doctors, or at home can feel overwhelming. And if you find yourself parenting for a second time around with your grandkids, our Kinship Navigator program will connect you to resources to help support you through this transition.

Healthy Starts at HCS is here for you through your lifespan. Don’t know where to start? Let’s get connected. Come in or call us at 603-352-2253 or fill out a referral below.

Let’s get a Healthy Start!

Or Download and submit this referral by fax to: 603-357-2545

Or call us to refer by phone: 603-352-2253

Healthy Starts at HCS is a proud member of the Monadnock Alliance for Families, an initiative funded and supported by the Monadnock United Way.

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Healthy Starts at HCS is affiliated with Healthy Families America, a national program of Prevent Child Abuse America.

“If the health of babies of today are looked after and rules established for their care, when the child reaches school age it is well nourished and stands a better chance of being in good physical condition…”

- Annual Report of the Keene Visiting Nurse Association, 1922

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Penny Vaine
Penny VaineHealthy Starts Program Manager

Healthy Starts Program Manager

Penny Vaine is the program manager for Healthy Starts at HCS a voluntary, strength based prevention program designed to support any pregnant and parenting family in the HCS service area. 

The Healthy Starts team of social workers, nurses and home visitors partner with families to offer parenting education, connection to resources, and support to build resiliency.

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