What does the Castle Center offer?

From bingo & bowling to crafts & current events, days at the Castle Center are filled with activities that participants request and enjoy, led by our Activity Coordinator. Lifelong interests are rekindled with art, baking, or watching old movies.

Music & Memory SM

For those with memory issues, music can have a very powerful effect in rekindling those memories. The Castle Center is a certified Music & Memory program site, with staff and volunteers trained to create personalized playlists for participants and use the power of music to encourage those with memory loss to be more engaged with those around them.

Meals & Snacks

Nutritious meals and morning and afternoon snacks are served in a family style setting. Meals and snacks are provided at no charge through the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


Gentle yoga and exercise are part of the daily Castle Center routine, focusing on improving balance and mobility.

Peace & Quiet

The quiet room is available for reading or dozing in comfortable reclining chairs.


Our licensed nurse assistants help with showers, including a shampoo if requested. Our shower is accessible for safety.


Friendly Bus service can be arranged in Keene to provide transportation to and from the Castle Center.

June’s Story

June is vivacious and gregarious at 91; sitting at home is not for her! She arrives every morning on the Friendly Bus and sits down for a cup of coffee with friends to see what has been going on with everyone. June’s family is not in the area, but as a former nurse (she worked at the Cheshire Medical Center when it was the Elliot Community Hospital!), she has made many friends over the years and wants to stay connected. She also wants to be able to stay in her own home with her dog Pedro! When she could no longer drive, the days became very long. During a visit from her family, they talked about the Castle Center as an option. After a try, June became a regular. She enjoys the noon meal — “I like to eat, but I hate to cook!” The exercises, she reports, “keep me limber.” Her family is relieved that June is enjoying her newfound friends and that the staff keep a watchful eye on her health, keeping her active, and engaged in her new community.

“I want people to be glad they are alive. This is my place. If you need a place to go or need help, come to the Castle Center!”

Activities & Menu