We are local and non-profit!

Comfort & care are provided at home, and in all
area assisted living and long term care facilities.

Hospice is a holistic approach to end-of-life care, focusing on enhancing quality of life and offering physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to patients and their families.

Hospice at HCS offers a comprehensive team of hospice and palliative care certified nurses, rehabilitation therapists, medical social workers, spiritual care counselors, and home health aides to provide the care you choose. Specially-trained hospice volunteers are also available for guidance, support, and companionship.

Hospice care is provided wherever you call home; whether that is a residence of many years, an assisted living facility, or a long-term care facility.

Financial Arrangements for Care

Hospice services are covered by many insurance plans and by Medicare. No patient is denied services due to their financial circumstances, within the resources of the agency to provide care. Hospice at HCS relies on donations and memorial contributions to make services available to all.

If your loved one is on hospice, and struggling and is struggling to make ends meet, or has a special nominal request, the Hospice Help Foundation may be able to assist. Please visit their website to find out more. The Hospice Help Foundation is not affiliated with HCS.

To reach a Hospice specialist at any time, call 603-352-4309

The Hospice Philosophy

Hospice focuses on living life to the fullest while experiencing a terminal illness. Hospice is a holistic approach to end-of-life care, focusing on the quality of life and offering physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort.

The hospice goal is to help the patient and family members come to terms with death as a natural part of life.  The hospice team of nurses, aides, and other professionals involve the patient and family members in making decisions about their care.

Hospice neither prolongs life nor hastens death. Since cure is no longer the goal, hospice focuses on the quality of life and a dignified death.

Our Mission

The HCS mission is to provide services that enable people to function throughout life at their optimal level of health, well-being, and independence, according to their personal beliefs and choices.

Hospice at HCS is Medicare certified and licensed by the State of NH.

Hospice at HCS Specialty Services

As a We Honor Veterans partner, Hospice at HCS recognizes the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families, and guides Veterans through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending.

Spiritual care is provided by nondenominational Chaplains who have met established national standards for professional competence to meet the cultural, religious, and spiritual needs of individuals. The counselor is available at any time during care to provide necessary emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Massage therapy is offered for comfort measures once a month for sixty minutes, or twice a month for thirty minutes.

Our social workers will complete the POLST documents, which provide more specific end of life instructions than advance directives.

Many pets are beloved family members who provide much comfort at the end of life. Maintaining a pet’s health and well-being is important. The Pet Peace of Mind program at Hospice at HCS provides assistance with pet food, essential veterinary services and grooming, and volunteers trained to assist with exercise when needed.

Hospice at HCS – Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services has a staff dedicated to working with nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We work as a team with facility staff, providing added clinical services, care plan consultations, and expertise in pain and symptom management.

Bereavement Support

Our Bereavement Service Coordinator offers individual support and resource referral to the loved ones of those served by our Hospice. These services are available on a short-term basis.

Support Groups are also available and  open to the public at no charge. We ask for an initial registration if it is the first time attending. Please contact John Everest at or call 603-352-2253 to register.

Bereavement Support Group

June 7, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Bereavement Support Group

July 5, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Butterfly Release

Remembrance & Gratitude

In early summer, HCS holds a remembrance and gratitude butterfly release in Butterfly Park for all who have lost loved ones. In the weeks before the ceremony, you may reserve a butterfly to release in your loved ones memory, and the names of the commemorated will be listed in the program. At any time of  year, you may order a memorial edging stone.

Volunteer Training

Hospice Volunteers Needed!

Training is offered free of charge and covers topics that prepare a volunteer to assist patients who are experiencing a terminal illness and provide support to their families.

Class sizes are limited and pre-registration is required. Contact Lorraine Bishop, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator (603) 352-2253 or for more information.


Hospice care is centered around a team approach. Hospice at HCS’s team members are highly trained in providing medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support. The team works closely with patients and caregivers to manage symptoms and maintain comfort at home.

  • Hospice Physician, Board Certified in hospice and palliative care

  • RNs trained in hospice and palliative care

  • Licensed Nursing Assistants to help with activities of daily living and companionship

  • Medical Social Workers to provide supportive counseling to patients, family, and staff

  • Hospice Spiritual Care Counselors for spiritual support

  • Hospice volunteers who provide companionship, transportation, pet therapy, music therapy, and Reiki


Dr. Lisa Leinau
Dr. Lisa LeinauHospice Medical Director

Hospice at HCS Medical Director Board Certified in Hospice & Palliative Care

The Hospice at HCS team is led by Dr. Lisa Leinau. After medical school and internal medicine residency at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Dr. Leinau completed fellowships in geriatrics, nephrology, and the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at Yale.

She has been practicing at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene since 2007. Dr. Leinau is board certified in both Internal Medicine and the specialty of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She is also certified by the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board, demonstrating knowledge of clinical medicine and administrative regulations specific to the care of hospice patients.


Charbel Semaan
Charbel SemaanSpiritual Care Counselor
Mary Beth Given
Mary Beth GivenLMT Massage Therapist
Rachel Lively
Rachel LivelySocial Worker
Jamie Hallengren
Jamie HallengrenHospice at HCS Volunteer


“My children and I cannot praise Hospice at HCS enough. They were wonderful and never wavering, always supportive and comforting. The director, aides and nurses — all so professional.”

“Hospice was a real gift to me. When I needed them most, they were there. I’m a nurse and my husband was a doctor. How lucky was I to have Hospice at HCS there to take over giving meds and taking his pulse, so I didn’t have to be his nurse. I could be his wife and just be with him.”

“Hospice at HCS thought of our every need! They explained carefully what they were going to do and why. They seemed almost like a miracle. I was amazed and have just told a friend whose husband is dying.”

Family Caregiver Satisfaction Ratings

Receiving Timely Care

Hospice at HCS 92%
Other (NH Area) 67%
National Average 76%

Training of Family Members

Hospice at HCS 95%
Other (NH Area) 56%
National Average 73%

Overall Rating of Hospice

Hospice at HCS 100%
Other (NH Area) 73%
National Average 84%

Make An Appointment

Hospice at HCS is happy to offer an informational meeting at home, in a long term care facility, or in the hospital with the individual and their family members. This visit does not require a physician’s order; the visit simply acquaints the individual and their family with the services that hospice can provide to make the end of life experience as comfortable as possible.