NH Gives starts at 5 p.m. on June 11. You can have the opportunity to provide a meal, a week of meals or make a donation to provide some food security to  huge and growing senior population facing food insecurity.

$10  provides a nutritious meal for a senior who depends on the kindness of strangers for the basics.

$50 provides meals for a senior for a week.

$100 provides meals for two weeks

$250 provides meals for a month.

Perhaps someone’s family does not live close.

Perhaps they live alone.

Perhaps they have mobility issues and long to remain in their home as independent as possible.

Perhaps they should not be using the stove or oven.

Perhaps they are hungry.

These perhaps describe hundreds of Meals on Wheels recipients every day –

The HCS MOW program where over 400 people Monday through Friday receive a meal…delivered by mostly volunteers who drive their own car and pay for their own gas.

The driver not only makes a friend by providing a friendly smile, but there is also a required safety check done – each driver delivering a meal must see the individual or hear them acknowledge they are ok.

A driver can sometimes spot a bruise, heat is not working, an odor of gas – and this happens every day.

Take a minute to watch this compelling video and or take 15 seconds to provide a meal with your donation.