HCS and Healthy Starts want you to know that we believe no child should have to face abuse. It is important that the caregivers of children commit to combatting instances of child abuse. Throughout the month of April, we want to encourage and challenge caregivers to think about ways to prevent child abuse, and how to be the healthiest they can be in order to help prevent child abuse. Our focus this month will be on what Prevention Is!

Prevention is - Resilience

resilience is prevention – resilience can be built – resilience is powerful

People often think of RESILIENCE as an ability to bounce back from challenges. But it is also an opportunity for growth, to be different than you were. Stronger. Thankfully resilience it can be built.

RESILIENCE is prevention

It is the calling forth of our inner strength to meet personal and family challenges, manage setbacks, heal the effects of trauma, and find our own sunny spot to thrive.

RESILIENCE can be built

Self-care, exercise, relaxation techniques, fostering positivity—RESILIENCE is like a muscle. The more you feed it, the stronger it grows.

Prevent by building RESILIENCE

Parents and caregivers who navigate life’s ups and downs serve as a model for children, promoting critical problem-solving skills.

Identify ways you are RESILIENT

Make a list of all the ways you are RESILIENT. Encourage others in your family to do the same. Share your lists. Look for similarities.

For activities you and your family can do throughout the month of April, use this Caregiver Activity Calendar, www.nhchildrenstrust.org/prevention

Check out www.nhchildrenstrust.org/nhfn to hear podcast discussions and interviews about family news, resources, events, and much more, happening across the Granite State.