How do I make a referral?

2021-02-26T14:30:55-05:00January 28th, 2021||

If you or someone you know could use the expert skilled care provided by the VNA, please contact us by calling 603-352-2253  or 800-541-4145 or by emailing us at vna@hcsservices.org. Please do not email protected health information.

Who should be referred for Behavioral Health Services?

2021-03-10T13:08:30-05:00June 29th, 2020||

When making a referral, please note that the client must be homebound or psychiatrically homebound. If a client is unable to consistently and independently access psychiatric follow-up, they may be considered homebound. The following behaviors and conditions demonstrate that the patient may be psychiatrically homebound: Impaired reality Disoriented Confused Impaired [...]

What is Behavioral Health Home Care?

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The Behavioral Health Home Care program assists patients and families who are broken and wounded by mental illness to move toward wholeness. The Behavioral Health Care program is a holistic approach to care, using standardized assessment tools that allow for a collaborative approach between you, your physician, and Home Healthcare, [...]

What is the Palliative Care conversation about?

2021-02-26T14:31:10-05:00June 28th, 2020||

Understanding and exploring ways to best manage unwanted symptoms, pain, and discomfort and optimize quality of life Finding resources to help with the practicalities and necessities of daily living Emotional support when you are at a crossroads and need to make difficult decisions Help with Advance Care Planning (ACP), including [...]

Do I qualify for Palliative Care Support?

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Palliative Care Support at HCS is available to patients receiving HCS home-based visiting nurse or rehabilitation services. Palliative Care at HCS requires a physician order and may be covered under insurance. Patients without insurance may be eligible for a grant-funded Palliative Care Social Work visit. For more information, please call [...]

What is Palliative Care?

2021-02-26T14:31:10-05:00June 28th, 2020||

Palliative Care is an approach to care that focuses on relief from symptoms, pain, and stressors - whatever the stage of the illness. Palliative Care Support at HCS is an extra layer of support that can be offered to our patients while receiving home-based visiting nurse or  rehabilitative services. As [...]

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